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From a graduating student to unemployed real quick!

I think WHAT'S NEXT has been the dilemma of the freshly graduated people. I felt it even before I graduate. People keeps on asking me "What's your plan? Where are you planning to work? What job are you planning to apply?" I know I am a Business Administration graduate and expected to be good in planning but the truth is, I really don't know. I really don't know what's next.

The truth is, I want to do is to go on a vacation and rest. I deserve it right? Like hello? I just graduated. After all the stress college education gave me, it is want I want! But it feels like I have to apply here and apply there so that I could get a job real quick. 
Don't judge me! Of course I'd like to work and to earn but its not so bad if I want to relax before I apply for a job and face another life of stress. Like what employed people says: Once you start working, you'll have lesser available time to have fun.

Honestly, I really want to enroll myself on a tailoring class and see from that point, I want to find out where it will take me next. It is actually my dream, to make clothes. As I promised before, I want to be happy on my career. I want that if I started working, I want that I love my work so that I won't lose interest and be a lazy bug.

So, that's it for now. I think I need to start preparing my résumé and my application forms.


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