Bonding Sesh

9:10 PM

(10/22) Finally! Atlast! After how many months I was able to have fun and had quality time with my favorite girls. Gosh, I missed them so much. Since Fatima is now studying on FEU, Zee & Xandy were having the time of their life with their books that's why I only got to be with my full package super good girly friend; Floyd :3 "Happy" is an understatement if I would to describe what I felt that day. Alam mo yung feeling na, sana ganito nalang everyday. Yun, ganun. As much as I want that to happen again. But no :( We have different lives now (aside from me & floyd who is always together) We only got to bond after how many months. I was hoping that next time, sana mas marami naman kame. The more, the merrier. 

The usual routine, I will pick up Fatima at their house. Its very funny when she went out the gate, we screamed(?) and hugged each other. Namiss ko talaga kambal ko :( Then we had a little chit chat then off we go to Greenwich since she wasn't able to eat there for 5 months.
The first one who got there (early bird) is Floyd. Haha! Then us (Fat & me), then Zee and lastly Xandy. Good that Xandy didn't ditch us since she does that most of the time. Hahaha. Plus, did you know that we were the noisiest group that time at Greenwich? Grabe =)) But who cares? We missed each other. It was really fun talking with each other again. Nakakmiss ng sobra. Then after spending hours there, we went to Chowking and there we talked about what we usually read. Then we went home by 8 pm :D
Sorry napa-English wala sa oras. Libre tawa. Balak ko sanang gawing tagalok nalang e, pero the usual, tinatamad ang lola niyo. Yun lang.

Baby Girl

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