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Just another warm Sunday. I just wanna feel presko. Well, This was my OOTD.

[top: Gift from friends, skirt: borrowed from my sister, shoes: borrowed from my sister (Dexter), bag: thrift shop, belt: borrowed from mom, sunnies: borrowed from my sister]

What a shame that almost everything that I used/wear today was borrowed from my girls (mom & sisters). Yep, I really love borrowing clothes and stuff. Its normal anyway. My closet is not complete, and not all my clothes and other stuff are nice. So that happens, borrowing happens :3 Hekhek! I decided to match my top with the denim skirt cause today was warm. The Sun's back -_- I don't want to wear pants today. 

Then it happened that we attended mass at Cathedral and it was windy. You know what that means, my skirt is acting as if I'm in a feminine wash commercial -.- It really made me uncomfortable. Ofcourse, I wore shorts. Its just that, so stupid of me that I wore a really short pair of shorts (my boxer) and takot ako masilipan sa church.

Hashtag Selfie :)
Baby Girl

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