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Today was a fairy tale, I wore a dress and a tiara

Make up by Yours Truly :) I was really trying to learn how to contour my face properly. I keep on practicing and practicing. Almost everyday. Well, practice makes things perfect right? Haha!

Actually, I want to join a pageant next year. The problem is, I'm not good in speaking in English or let's say I'm not really good in speaking or talking. Plus, I don't have a talent. So.. No can do. This dress was actually bought by my sister and gave it to me as a Christmas gift year 2010. This was worn once and that was during our Senior Night during March 2011 and its great that it still fits me! \^o^/ Additional info: The beads on the dress was my mom's masterpiece. Nice noh? Sister bought it like blank lang. Then mom just put beads para mas maging nice.

PS: I'm starting to like the color Royal Blue :D

Baby Girl

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