Barbie Girl

8:38 PM

(10/24) Unpredictable weather? Don't worry, just be a Barbie Girl. Haha! Connection please?
Today's OOTD for Bebang-Dudang date

It is very obvious that the color of the day is Pink, Black & White. Haha! Also, the peg of this outfit is kiddo-like. Well, I didn't actually expect it to come out like that (kiddo look) but well, I love looking like a kid cause I enjoy being a kid. Isabay mo na rin ang buhok kong kiddo. Haha! So there, actually I was planning to wear a tank top today and a pants. But I realized that I don't wanna wear pants cause i'm tired of wearing pants and I look fat in tank top since my arms are like bimbo. Plus, the weather is very unpredictable. It will rain then after a minute, Hello Sunshine. That's why. I wore a backpack today cause I am going to the gym right after my date with my ever twin; Fatima. Yup. Also, I missed wearing a backpack. I only use backpack during schooldays. Haha! Also, the backpack is the highlight of the day aside from my Barbie shirt :3 Hekhek! I love what I wore today. I love the Barbie shirt, I love the colors of my outfit, I love the bag. Screw judgemental people XD Wag kayo manira ng trip. Haha!

Top - Barbie / Bottom - thrift shop / Bag - heartstrings / Shoes - Juicy / Watch - Swatch "kunu" 

Baby Girl

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