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How did I spend the first month of the year?

  • January 4, Got a haircut after the mass.
  • 8th day of January, my girls and I ditched our Religious Studies class for our adventure time (knowing that it was our last meeting for that class before the midterms examination? damn, YOLO!) We went to Pasonanca for Shawarma (well, that was the first plan) then spontaneously thought of why not drive to Murok? This time, we went higher than before and it was really nice up there!
  • 13th day of January, that was Tuesday of our school's midterm week. I had no exam sched that day therefor, Time to bond with my high school besties! Went out with Xandy and Fatima that day. First, we watched Love, Rosie (which was its last day on the Cinema, woohoo lucky us) then ate at Bistro Fellini (Fatima's treat) then at Infinitea. For a longer story of this day, read this
  • 14th day, I had my exams but after my exams, I went to Infinitea to meet with Fatima, Sherazad and Hanna then later. The modelas (Fat, Floyd and I) went to Greenwich. Oh, I almost forgot to share: that day I thought my Philo exam was at 2 PM so I went inside the room and picked a chair. I was so surprised why I didn't recognized the faces of the students and so surprised why we became many. Then I checked my sched again, OKAY, my exam's sched is at 3:45 PM. Nice! Really stupid! Haha
  • 15th day, I was on the jeepney when some guy was supposed to sit next to me but then again, he changed seat (near the entrance/exit). At first I didn't mind him, but when I was screening my eyes to the passengers, I realized, Ohh he's cute!
  • 16th day, SPONTANEOUS NIGHT! Its the last day of exams therefor, time to go out! For more details, click this
  • 17th day is Beach Day! Huge group of friends went to country side beach and it is a day well spent! For photos and store here
  • 18th day? Me and my girls went to jog at Murok? Guess what happened? Read more by clicking this!
  • 19th day is Aaliyah's Birthday! We surprised her and not only us but also, her someone special! Wanna know how fun that night went? Read more here
  • 20th is when Aaliyah and her love, Al drove me home. and for that, I called them "Mommy and Daddy" and.. Daddy Al got 20 points! Hahaha

The rest of the month? I spent them on a house > school > house cycle. No more adventures. No more hanging outs after class. I do lunch dates with Floyd every TTH and we almost spent time together back in Myrna's Bakehouse fronting our school. Also, I'm happy that this month, I got to bond with FLAHKX and Hopias. So, i'm back to being good girl. Caged myself at home. Need to save and need to behave because I had been a bad girl and the city's on Red Alert. There are still two pending posts for January. If what are they? Stay tuned!

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